June 6, 2024

Red Bull's Dutch driver Max Verstappen drives during the third day of Formula One (F1) pre-season testing at the Bahrain International Circuit in the city of Sakhir on March 12, 2022. (Photo by Giuseppe CACACE / AFP) (Photo by GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP via Getty Images)

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport. It requires superior engineering, skill and nerve to compete on the F1 circuit. But with races being held all over the world, it can be difficult to follow your favorite teams and drivers. Luckily, there are several ways to f1 streams races from anywhere, so you don’t have to miss a race! Let’s look at some of the best streaming options available.

Sky Sports F1 HD

Sky Sports is one of the most popular streaming services for F1 fans in Europe. The Sky Sports F1 HD package offers access to all 21 races in 2021 plus live coverage of qualifying and practice sessions as well as a range of classic archive footage and documentaries about the sport. Sky also broadcasts coverage from all ten teams’ garages throughout the season, allowing viewers unprecedented access behind-the-scenes. This package does come at a cost however – you will need a Sky subscription in order to access it.


ESPN+ is another great option for those looking to stream Formula 1 races from anywhere in the world. ESPN+ offers live streams of every single practice session, qualifying session and race throughout the season as well as full replays and highlights packages which are available shortly after each event concludes. ESPN+ also gives you access to exclusive interviews with drivers, team principals and other key figures within the paddock that you won’t find anywhere else.  Like Sky Sports F1 HD, ESPN+ requires a subscription fee but it is much more affordable than its European counterpart – just $5 per month or $50 per year for full access to everything ESPN has to offer.

F1 TV Pro 

F1 TV Pro is Formula One Management’s own streaming service that launched back in 2018 and provides fans with unparalleled coverage of every event on the calendar including practice sessions, qualifying rounds and races plus exclusive onboard camera views from each car during every race weekend plus historic footage going back decades. It also includes real-time data tracking tools that give viewers detailed insights into driver performance such as speed traps, sector times and lap charts – something not offered by any other streaming service currently on the market. Subscriptions start at around $10 per month depending on your location but you can save even more if you opt for an annual plan instead which costs just $90 annually (or $140 if you want access to both platforms). 

No matter where you are in the world, there is no longer any excuse not to watch Formula 1 races thanks to these amazing streaming services available today! Whether you’re looking for comprehensive coverage from Sky Sports or an affordable monthly subscription from ESPN+, there’s something out there for everyone who wants keep up with their favorite teams and drivers this season! For those who want total immersion into every aspect of racing life then F1 TV Pro may be your best bet – although its pricier than most it could be worth it if you’re serious about following Formula 1 closely this year! And remember – wherever you choose to watch your F1 action this year make sure that it’s legal! Enjoy!

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