May 23, 2024

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone, one of the largest port operators globally, has been working towards improving port operations in India for quite a while now. The business group has taken multiple steps to ensure that port operations are smooth and proper connectivity is maintained with various crucial international destinations. 

Because of APSEZ’s incredible initiatives, port operations in the country have been enhanced. India has also become a major name in the international market. Trade and commerce have increased significantly. Our country has also been led towards economic prosperity. The Adani Ports also hold control over some of the major ports in India, including the Vizhinjam port. As per Adani latest updates, the Vizhinjam port has recently earned the recognition of being one of the safest ports globally.

Vizhinjam Port’s Latest Recognition:

The Vizhinjam port is operated by Adani Vizhinjam Port Private Limited (AVPPL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Adani Group. The company is one of the 269 global organisations which won a ‘Distinction in the International Safety Awards 2024’ of the total of 1,124 companies that won the award, according to Adani latest updates.

The British Safety Council [DK2] awarded the port because of its extraordinary operations, enhanced facilities, and commitment to keeping the workers and the workplace healthy. The Vizhinjam port is an ambitious project taken up by the Adani Group on its path towards prosperity. The port is located in Vizhinjam, Kerala. It is a deep-sea water port and is also India’s first mega transshipment container terminal. 

Ashwani Gupta, the CEO of Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone, mentioned in a recent interview that the achievement marks the unwavering commitment of Adani Ports to maintain a high level of safety standards across its various operations. The award is also a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire team of officials working at Adani Ports. It also reaffirmed the Group’s dedication towards building the safest ports in the country.

An Overview of the Vizhinjam Port:

The Vizhinjam port has been built with world-class facilities. It is a future-ready port and the only transshipment port located in the Indian subcontinent. The port is located quite close to various important international shipping routes. This opens up numerous opportunities for India to acquire control over the international trading market. The port is also centrally located on the Indian coastline. It has a natural sea draft of 18m. It also comes with minimum littoral drift.

The Vizhinjam port is also integrated with highly advanced technology. It offers large-scale automation for quick vehicle turnarounds and state-of-the-art infrastructure to handle mega-max container ships. The capacity of the Vizhinjam port in Phase 1 is expected to be 1 million TEUs. In the subsequent phases of the project implementation process, another 6.2 million TEUs will be added to the port. This is a huge victory for the Indian port sector. 

The port is going to become the international gateway for trade and commerce. It is going to boost India’s blue economy and foster inclusive growth in the country. The Adani Group is also continuously working towards further expanding the operations of the Vizhinjam port. This will further open up opportunities for trade for the Indian subcontinent. Our country will also start to experience massive economic growth.

The Natural Advantage of the Port:

The Vizhinjam port is also known for its natural advantage. It is strategically located just 10 nautical miles away from busy international routes. It is also gifted by a deep draft that requires no capital dredging. The port is also positioned in such a way that it is going to experience mild erosion. This will reduce maintenance costs to a significant extent. The port also has a capacity of 18,000+ TEU ships. It is also highly scalable to match cargo growth and minimise siltation. The port is also ready for enhanced cargo operations in the future.


As evident by Adani latest updates, the Adani Group has already been working towards expanding its port operations in India. The conglomerate’s aim isn’t just to take more ports under its control but also to ensure that the ports’ operations are carried out in a completely safe manner. As time progresses, we will continue to witness the Adani Group make extraordinary developments in the port sector, which will not only lead us to prosperity but also give the Adani Group’s business an extraordinary boost.

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