May 20, 2024

If you are planning on printing product labels, here’s a list of the things to consider.


The size of the label is the first aspect to factor in. It obviously depends on the size of the package. If your lineup includes items of different sizes, you can consider making labels in 2-3 sizes so that you can use them across your entire range.


There are two main types of product labels. There are cut-to-size labels as well as those in the roll-form. The cut-to-size versions are cut to individual pieces in rectangular, square, circular, oval and other geometric shapes. The roll-on forms are made in a continuous length and let you drape the entire product with it or as desired.

Both are printed on self-adhesive sticker materials. You simply have to peel and stick it on the surface you want. They can be applied by hand or using a dispenser. Choose the type that is most convenient for you. Considering the types, there are removable and non-removable labels as well.


The material used to print the product label will determine its texture. Most companies dealing in label printing offer paper and plastic as the two material choices and gloss, high gloss UV finish, embossed and matte coatings as the texture options. For apparel, labels are either printed on or woven into cloth.

Design and Colors

The design and color choice can make or break your product label. The name of the product, the company name and the logo should be put in a place where it is easily visible. You can include an image on the label as it conveys messages better than words. However, make sure that it is relevant to the product. The overall design should be simple yet attractive.


All products have a lot of matter printed on the label. It could be the nutritional value for foods, the composition for medicines and the instructions of use for other products. The date of manufacture and expiry must also be printed on the product label. The font style and size should be readable.

If you want to create something that will truly match your product as well as add that extra edge to it, put yourself in your consumer’s shoes and ask yourself what you would expect had you been standing at the shelf a shopping basket in your hand. And, to get the best in terms of printing, make sure you tie up with a reliable label printing service.

ACE allows you to create custom product labels by choosing a size, paper type and design of your choice. The professionals not only review your design but also proofread the content to make it print ready. ACE is one stop solution for custom printed clothing labels, tagless heat transfer labels , custom hang tags for clothing etc.

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