February 26, 2024

Have a second view about Microblading? Maybe Powder Effect is more your style! One in three consumers is a candidate for Eye Design’s Microshading technique.

Known throughout the drive by many names, such as shadow effect or ombré brows, Powder Effect (Powder brows Boca Raton) operates pin-dot pigment application to make a gradient shaded look. The effects are comparable to those you would perform with makeup, with a perfect custom finish that lasts for months on end!

Designed by an Eye Design architect and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, Powder Effect (Powder brows Boca Ratonheals beautifully. Pigment never shifts blue/grey or ashy. Rather, it disappears naturally over time.

You have oily skin/enlarged pores: Microblading involves the application of hyper-realistic, hair-like strokes under the skin. This is perfect for many customers, but for some, it may not be so fortunate.

Customers with excessively oily skin or big pores may see that results from Microblading aren’t right for them. This is because, once they heal, results from Microblading tend to glance blurry and light on those with oily skin or enlarged pores. Pigment disappears much faster on these customers.

You have sensitive skin: Nervous Microblading may hurt or generate irritation. Pain is the tiniest, gratitude to Eye Design’s soft techniques and appropriate care. (We even use topical anaesthetics, i.e., numbing creams, before and throughout the process to provide all customers are satisfied.)

Because Powder Effect (Powder brows Boca Raton) involves shorter incisions than Microblading, it is the perfect brow therapy for those with severe skin sensitivities.

You have tough skin or a mild skin infection: As long as you do not have any eczema, rosacea or acne now on your brow area, Powder Effect is a completely safe brow answer for you!

You have medium or complete natural brow hair with gaps: Even those with a ton of wild eyebrow hair can help from Eye Design’s Powder Effect (Powder brows Boca Raton). If you are one of these customers, and you often use pencils, powders or pomades to shade and limit your brows or fill in holes, try Powder Effect (Powder brows Boca Raton)!

The Microshading technique achieves everything you do with makeup, but lasts about one year and still examines flawless. You will awaken up every day regarding beauty and save time during your light performance.

You love a bold makeup face: For customers who normally wear a face of full-coverage makeup, our expert techs can give them a high-impact brow to match. Don’t stress regarding your brows being too bold–the Eye Design team is trained to make positive, customized shapes to suit any type.

Do you love quiet, fine shading: Not a lover of bold brows? Powder Effect (Powder brows Boca Raton) is an extremely adaptable technique, so if power isn’t your thing, attempt a more realistic look. This is the ideal choice for those who like to go makeup-free and those who value “no makeup” makeup. Numerous of our blonde and fair-skinned customers love it, as nicely!

Soft and fine shading is also a great strategy for customers who are uncertain what kind of look they like because they can always decide to go bolder at the touch-up.

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