May 23, 2024

The Black and white by DY design is a highly evolved form of Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP system, not only hiding scars, but providing the fantasy of a fuller head of hair either by adding thickness to longer hair, or playing the look of hair being shaved.

Around 73% of customers are guys who have mourned from hair transplants and like a choice other than sporting a wig or operating concealers. Hair transplant physicians advise customers to Black and white by DY, for full head baldness medicines as well as for scar camouflage and thickness branches.

The bottom line is that Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP is ideal for the practical concealment of FUT (strip) scars, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) scars, scalp decrease scars and historic plug and cobblestone scars from old-fashioned hair repair procedures.

The great hair transplant thrill of the 70s, ’80s and 90’s attracted millions of men to rush to their nearest surgical clinic. In many cases, all they have to offer for it now are enduring scars, low self-esteem, and a lighter bank account. If you’ve mourned in silence for a long time and like to recapture the enthusiasm you handled before losing your hair and before you earned those scars, let help you.


Around 73% of Black and white DY customers have had hair transplant surgery at some moment.

Think about that for a point. We dine hundreds of customers every single month. Why do so numerous have a hair transplant scars that they’re sad with?

Most hair transplants don’t perform because lack of hair in the donor site and the lack of hair on top to create. This leaves many individuals with a stark alternative – continue holding multiple hair restoration techniques in a losing struggle to hide the scars, or have Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP.

Some of our customers have had as many as 15 hair transplants, either FUE or strip scar surgery, and reach to Black and white by DY in a state of despair. They are endowed with extreme scarring, plugging holes on top of their head and handling insecure. Our recipe teams completely with a hair transplant combination.

Question 1- can you camouflage every scar?

We are so glad that we have been the last answer to those who are suffering from a variety of this scarring. We have been capable to give them a new lease on life and quit hiding what has occurred to them.

Our Black and white by DY method, widely directed to as an advanced form of Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP, has an outstanding track history in camouflaging scars, but it does include a lot to do with the colour and consistency of the scar and the client wanted outcome.

The two choices guys and females have is that they can either save the hair long and we can go underneath the hair and camouflage the scar causing it hidden when wet when hair is in motion. The other choices are shaving the hair down, which we still advise and we will incorporate it into the follicle, ultimately camouflaging the scar. 

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