February 26, 2024

Scalp Micropigmentation or as known as SMP is a non-surgical, non-invasive therapy where dye is strategically placed into the scalp to reproduce hair follicles, these then finish the look of a full head of cut hair that completely matches with your untamed hair shade and skin tone. Many individuals guide Scalp Micropigmentation as a scalp tattoo, the process is similar, but they are not exact. One of the main distinctions between tattooing and Scalp Micropigmentation is the ink utilised.

The inks utilised for Scalp Micropigmentation are usually made from natural ingredients, but the main component is carbon. The stain is black, unlike tattoo ink which has a metal base and is produced up of a variety of additional colours to make the paint, such as black which is made of bluey/green techniques. Many individuals believe they cannot accept Scalp Micropigmentation due to the pigment being black and including light-coloured hair, but this is not the point.

All Scalp Micropigmentation pigments can be cut to create lighter shaded pigments. To ensure the correct dilution to pigment ratio, a dilution hierarchy should be observed that will give you the right measurements. The actions taken with dye before injecting it into the skin are

  1. Guide to the dilution chart to set the correct shade to match the customer and see the right ratio.
  2. Calculate the water range and put it into a medicine cup. The millimetres of water calculated should be similar to the shade you selected on the ranking.
  3. Calculate the pigment and put it into the filtered water. This should not be more than 1 millilitre of stain.
  4. Finally, stir it.

If small to no water is counted then the stain is going to be almost entirely black, this is for customers with black skin and dark hair as less water utilised benefits to retain the black colour. If a lot of moisture is added to the dye, anything from around 20 millilitres and upwards, provide or take, then this should be utilised for light skin and anyone with blonde or light brown hair. Portions of water in between are for any medium-coloured hair and medium-skin-toned customers.

Usually, the artist will choose a light shade during the initial stage to provide the medicine will not look too dark after the following sessions. The patient can decide to have the stain a shade darker relying on their choices, but this will need them to wet shave regularly to bypass a colour clash between their wild hair and their Scalp Micropigmentation therapy. So, no matter the hair colouring or skin colour, Scalp Micropigmentation can ensure natural-looking outcomes for those mourning hair loss. But always recall the hospitals out there like Scalp Doctor Birmingham and head tattoo Birmingham offering training on Pigments.

SMP Birmingham

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Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP can be used to hide all types of hair loss, from male pattern baldness, head scars, burns and hair transplant scars, thinning hair and alopecia for males and females of all ages. Despite being considered a front runner in hair loss solutions for males, we believe Scalp MicroPigmentation (aka SMP) to be the only certified hair loss solution for both males and females. 

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