July 19, 2024

Strawberry CBD is an incredibly flavorful cannabis strain with many therapeutic properties. It is ideal for lovers of sweet, fruity flavors and, contrary to what you might expect, it comes across as rather ordinary.

It is the result of intensive care and creative work that brings together all the highs of a sativa and the smooth vibes of an indica.

In this article we will tell you about its uncertain origins and unmistakable characteristics.

Origins of Strawberry CBD 

The origins of this legal cannabis strain are still unclear.

Some claim that Strawberry CBD   originated in the Netherlands, while others speak of a U.S. origin.

 What we can say with certainty is that Strawberry is the progenitor of many other cannabis strains and that it is particularly suitable for those who wish to relax. It is a marijuana strain that became popular in the early years of the new millennium, when coffee shops competed to offer the best quality Strawberry.

Strawberry CBD is the result of crossing OG Kush Bruce Banner #3 and SFV OG IBL.


Strawberry CBD, as the name suggests, has mainly an intense strawberry aroma, with hints of cream and a slight earthy aftertaste.

This cannabis strain has a rather ordinary appearance when compared to other cannabis inflorescences of the same genus.

The plant produces rather large and dense flowers with a slightly tapered tip. Its buds are green, hidden by the white trichomes that cover the surface.

If properly cared for, Strawberry will exhibit multiple amber-yellow color variations.


Strawberry Og has an effect that offers pleasant and gently relaxing sensations, not only mental but also physical. Its special feature is precisely the gradualness with which you will feel its effects.

Due to its range of relaxing yet stimulating effects, Strawberry CBD is perfect for both evening and daytime use, although it is typically used in the evening. With this cannabis strain, it is possible to enjoy the typical Indica plant effect while maintaining creativity and the desire to socialize.

For this very reason, Strawberry CBD is especially loved by artists, who need to relax their minds without feeling too sedated.

For doctors, Strawberry CBD is a valuable aid in chronic pain and inflammation. In fact, its ability to soothe pain is due to its sedative properties, which also help with insomnia.

In addition to its energetic properties, it is also stimulating, which lifts the mood and opens the mind, making it a great help for depression and chronic stress.

How Strawberry CBD is grown

Strawberry CBD is a fairly simple plant to grow. It is resistant to common molds and fungi, making it perfect for the novice grower.

You will only need to keep it well fed with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer at an ideal temperature of 21°. It grows well both in the greenhouse and outdoors.

To increase the quantity of the crop, we recommend using the sea of green method. To do this, during the growing season, cut off the tall branches and try to grow the plant as a dense bush. This warm-weather plant has a flowering time of about 9-10 weeks.

Once harvest time arrives, be sure to dry the Strawberry optimally by placing it in a dark, well-dried and ventilated room. Good drying should be done slowly; it may take 2 to 4 weeks. This will result in better, crisper inflorescences.

Yields are high, producing about 200 grams per square meter.

Possible side effects

Due to the low level of THC present in Strawberry, the side effects associated with its use are very minimal. However, it is important to remember that if taken in high doses it could cause eye fatigue and leave the mouth dry. To solve this problem, simply keep yourself well hydrated.

In addition, you may experience a slight headache, particularly in the area behind the eyes.  Some consumers have reported mild dizziness and mild paranoia.

Due to its very few side effects, this strain is often used to introduce people to the world of cannabis.


Strawberry CBD is definitely a unique and unmistakable strain.

It has a pleasant, mild effect and is rich in therapeutic properties. It is perfect at any time of the day, without negatively affecting daily commitments.

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