June 6, 2024

For some people, taking a microdose of shrooms will be nothing more than a momentary LSD flashback. For others, it might represent their first serious foray into the world of hallucinogens. Both reactions are perfectly valid and reasonable, and neither one is necessarily wrong. But what if you’re one of those people who already thinks too much?

What if you suffer from an overactive imagination that gets in the way of enjoying life to its fullest? If this sounds like you, then reading on may be worth it just to access these seven tips for taking a microdose of shrooms. They will help you take responsibility for your own reality by giving you the tools you need to make peace with your past so that you can focus on enjoying the future instead.

Look At The Bright Side Of Everything

As you start to take shrooms, you might notice that everything around you is suddenly bright and colorful. You might feel energized and empowered, and you might even start to produce more serotonin in your brain. Some people even describe this feeling as if they’ve been “started on the right track.” This might sound like a positive thing, but don’t be fooled — this is not a good thing. First, it might seem like you’ve “got it” because you’re a “shroomhead” but in reality, you’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the many potential negative side effects that come with this experience.

Shrooms come in minuscule doses, from .0005 micrograms up to 5 micrograms. That’s enough to cause microdosing to most people, but not everybody can handle it. If you’re not sure if a microdose of shrooms is right for you, start with a low dose and work your way up from there.

Everyone’s unique brain makeup, after all, means that you may react differently to different strains of shrooms in different ways. If you think you might be a better microdoseshrooms metabolizer than someone else, feel free to proceed with caution. But for most people, the microdose is a great opportunity to try out new flavors, try a new strain, or experience something different. And for those who love variety, that’s often the best part about microdosing — there’s no telling what you might enjoy.

Turn Off The Brain And Body Response

When you first start microdosing, you might notice that the “fight or flight” response starts to kick in. Your body prepares itself for action, while your brain sends out messages to “run” or “flee” depending on what’s happening in the moment. While there are some benefits to this “flight or fight” response, it can become overstimulating.

To protect yourself from the “energetic overload” that comes with this response, you can either sit or lie down until the feelings pass or use an anti-anxiety medication such as Xanax or Valium when needed. If you’re not feeling too hot, try a few puffs of your favorite stress reliever such as cbd oil or valerian root. Also, if you’re experiencing any anxiety or stress outside of the microdose, you can always take a few more puffs of your stress relievers to help with that. If you want to buy shrooms online, click here.

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