May 17, 2024

Born in Tokyo in 1945, Sorayama has been drawing these otherworldly beings for as long as he can remember. After attending art school and working for an advertising firm for a few years, he decided to take his obsession with alien creatures to the next level. In 1977, he moved to New York City and began creating new works of art inspired by the strange world of extraterrestrial beings.

His drawings have since been featured in numerous galleries around the world, including one at a famous private collectors club called The Ark on Fifth Avenue. Throughout his career as an artist, Hajime Sorayama has collaborated with numerous fashion designers creating avant-garde outfits made from unusual materials like latex or plastic.

The Art Of Hajime Sorayama

Sorayama’s artwork is like nothing else because he creates sketches of what the future might look like; although, his drawings are inspired by images of the past. In each of his futuristic sketches, he mixes elements of both the old and new in a unique blend that is sure to captivate anyone who views it.

Some of his pieces are even able to predict what future technology may look like, including flying cars, robotic animals, and even the internet.

The Future Is Beautiful

The Future Is Beautiful. These words are the title of one of Sorayama’s most famous art books. It is full of drawings of strange, beautiful creatures that seem like they belong in a science fiction movie. Many people are fascinated by these drawings, and many collectors have been drawn to them. The Future Is Beautiful was awarded the International Art Critics’ Prize, and Sorayama’s art has since been featured in other publications.

From The Past To The Future

Although Sorayama’s artwork is futuristic, he often draws inspiration from images of the past. He often uses Victorian architecture in his sketches, and many of his robot creatures are inspired by 18th-century automatons. This mix between the old and new has become a hallmark of Sorayama’s work, and it is what makes his art so fascinating.

More Than Just Illustrations

Although Sorayama’s artwork is often associated with illustrations, it is much more than that. While he does create sketches of imaginary creatures, he also designs futuristic clothing and creates sculptures of his robot creatures. Sorayama has even created a few pieces of artwork that can be considered functional. In one of his sketches, he designed a futuristic ball that can be used to play a sport that looks like tennis.

In another piece of artwork, he designed a futuristic car. Sorayama also does plenty of commissioned work for companies that want their products to be featured in his art. He has designed posters for movies, designed clothing, and even created art for athletic companies.


Hajime Sorayama artwork is unlike anything else in the world. His sketches of strange creatures that look like they came straight out of a sci-fi movie are unlike anything that has ever been created. Although many people associate his artwork with illustrations, it is much more than that. His illustrations are functional, and many of his pieces are even collectible.

These illustrations may be artistic works of fiction, but they inspire many others to think about what the future may hold. They encourage people to push the boundaries of what they think is possible, including what technology may look like 100 years from now.

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