April 16, 2024

You saw a mega game advertisement on your Facebook or discovered it in your local gaming shop and you were tempted enough to sign up for it. Now you have received a handbook and don’t know what to do with it. We understand that the never-ending brief about the game and costume suggestions can be quite overwhelming, but don’t be nervous because this article was written with the sole purpose of easing you into your first-ever mega game. Trust us that this experience will be extremely worth it. Following are our most valuable pieces of advice for players who are going to be playing their very first mega game

  1. It is perfectly fine if you don’t know the rules by heart. 

This may come out as a shock to you but most players don’t know the rules by heart and therefore you’re not alone. You don’t have to panic and especially if this is your first game. You are going to be bombarded by information and rules that you’ll be expected to remember. But it’s more than likely that most players won’t be having an encyclopaedic knowledge about the game. Again, you don’t have to panic because there will be a referee present whose job is to make you feel at ease and help you out in understanding the complexities of the game. 

  • The community is extremely cordial and welcoming. 

Everyone in the mega game community is super welcoming, more so towards newcomers. You’ll make a lot of new game buddies and get the chance to take part in the finest after game tradition i.e. telling everyone about your conquest in the pub. 

  • There are a lot of newcomers. 

In every single mega game, the new player percentage is approximately 20-50%. It’s more than likely that you’ll be asked to raise your hand if it’s your first time and this way you’ll be able to know who all are mega game virgins. You shouldn’t shy away from telling everyone that it’s your first time because chances are they’ll be a bit more patient in explaining the rules.

  • If you find yourself stuck. The new player liaison will come to your rescue. 

These days a lot of games are adopting the new player liaison to their roster. So this means that one member of the control team has been assigned to help the new players in grasping the game. This member doesn’t really have other specific responsibilities.  

  • Don’t forget to bring food and drinks, pens and paper. 

Usually game designers send an email beforehand and inform you about the things that you need to bring along. But we would recommend getting some light snacks that you can have in between because you won’t be given any lunch break during the game. 

  • Show up on time. 

There is nothing more annoying than players who show up late to the game. Also, its important that you show up well before the game begins because otherwise you might miss the briefing of the game. Another advantage of showing up before time is that you get a little bit of bonding time with other team members. 

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