March 22, 2023

Chocolates are an emotion that can make your bad mood good and your good mood better. But it is a common myth that chocolates are related to increased fats and health hazards. This myth can be broken with healthy chocolates that regulate the sugar content and makes it a healthy treat. In the present day, farmers are also highly engaged in organic chocolate farming, which is free from pesticides and fertilizers. Therefore, now there are more reasons to eat more chocolates.  

Let’s add to these reasons with some jaw-dropping recipes you can make with chocolate. You are sure to love it, stock it, and eat it.

Energy Boosters Chocolate Balls  

Chocolate balls; the name itself is enough to let your mouth water. But chocolates have had a really bad image combined with the sugar and calorie intake. However, energy chocolate balls are different from that. These include healthy chocolate, dates, coconut powder, chia seeds, nuts, almonds, and any other energy-giving ingredient you want. Make the items into balls and melt chocolate bars to give them a shape lately. Stick these and freeze them for some hours, and you have amazingly delicious balls by your side to charge your drained battery.   

Coconut Chocolate Balls  

Coconut is one of the healthiest ingredients that you can add to your diet. It has manganese which is essential for bone health—also, the high carbohydrates, proteins, and cholesterol help to boost metabolism.   

The richness of coconut and healthy chocolates can blend together with each other to ensure comfort to the stomach. For this, you can make walls of coconut and wrap them in chocolate. The secret of chocolate outside and coconut inside is everything that you need after a long tiring day.  

Chocolate And Oats  

Oats in dinner are a nightmare for every person who is trying to go on a diet. But not anymore. You can make your oats a sweet and drooling treat by adding chocolate to them. For this, you can go for multiple flavours like fruit almond, blueberry walnut, raspberry hibiscus dark chocolate, etc. This can be an organic chocolate and oats recipe in which you can melt the chocolate and drop it alongside oats. This will be delicious and sweet and won’t make you feel that you are on a diet.   

Chocolate Smoothy  

Whether you are tired, disturbed, bored, or just want to fill your stomach for long hours, you can always trust smoothies. After all, smoothies are a mix of health and happiness together. For this, you can choose from exquisite healthy chocolates from the collection of Open Secrets. Its unusual flavours, with a mix of oats and fruits, can give you the perfect start to a delicious smoothy. Chocolate smoothy can be with plain chocolate or so many added ingredients to increase the richness of the smoothy you consume.   

Fruits Chocolate Bites  

This can be a really scrumptious idea of creating a healthy snack for happy hour. You can create organic chocolate bites with any exotic fruits and enjoy a burst of fruitiness in the mouth. For instance, choose blueberries and Pascati blueberry walnut dark chocolate bar from Open Secrets. Melt it into a chocolate layer that you can coat around blueberries. You can do the same with raspberries and cranberries. Create a plate full of fruit and chocolate bites that you will never be tired of munching.   

Peanut Butter And Chocolate Sandwich  

Peanut butter is one of the most recommended food items that should be included in the diet plan because of its richness in proteins and oleic acids. This reduces cholesterol and any related heart diseases. So, make an organic chocolate sandwich by introducing peanut butter to the diet. For this, take two delicious healthy chocolate bars from the wide varieties available at Open Secrets. Sandwich the bars with peanut butter and munch a super sweet and delicious treat.   

Chocolate Sandwich  

Let’s plan for good food and a good mood with a healthy chocolate recipe for a filling stomach. For this, you can pick a healthy bar of chocolate like orange cinnamon dark chocolate, melt it, and spread it all over a bread. Sprinkle some nuts on the chocolate spread and put another piece of bread on it. You can also keep the bread soft or toast it. It is sure to be delicious in any of its ways.  

Hot Chocolate  

Hot chocolate is the sheer inspiration for winter nights. So, healthily prepare this hot chocolate recipe using organic chocolates and NO SUGAR. Add this to the milk, stir it, and pour it. After this, put a chocolate bar in it and make it a sweet dish worth drooling for.    

Chocolate Stuffed Dates  

Chocolate stuffed dates can be the best snack that you can eat for instant munching and a healthy diet. For this, you only have to melt a bar of healthy chocolate in a flavour you like. It can be a dark almond chocolate that you can melt and inject into the dates. Enjoy a heartwarming surprise of a date that breaks into chocolate in your mouth.   

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies  

Chocolate chip cookies can be a favourite at any time and in any way. You can make it a delightful and healthy eatery by creating healthy dough cookies. You can make it in almond dough and add an almond chocolate bar melted in the flour. Bake it into the cookies that you can make a part of in your late night snacking journey.   

Satisfy your knack for the sweet tooth by making these delicious and easy chocolate recipes right at your home. To make it, order the countless healthy chocolate options that you can find directly at Open Secrets. This place has all the secret ingredients for super-tasty and organic sweet consumption. Add it to your plan and make a good amount of sweets you can serve and eat as much as you want.   

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